public rental - cash bar

SPACE rental / cash bar

30 persons capacity

Thirty (30) guest minimum required

$100 fee if 30 guest minimum is not met

$100 dollars per hour -  (3) hours rental required

$75 per each additional hour

$600 dollars minimum purchase of food/drinks required

If minimum purchase requirement is not met - remaining

balance will be added to final amount due


No outside drinks or food are allowed

Guests are expected to purchase drinks from our menu

request date

PAUSA art house LLC ® All rights reserved / 19 Wadsworth Street . Buffalo . NY 14201


The Group

Talia Ryan

Morgan Loghry

Allison Cihiwsky

J.Tim Raymond

Patty Agrisano Ossa

Group 263

Catherine L. Spen​cer

Laurie A. Tanner

Monica Angle 

Paula Sćiuk 

Cassie Lipsitz

Matthew Palmo

Rita Auerbach

Fotini Galanes

Richard Christian 

Gary Wolfe

Markenzy Julius Cesar

Mary Bagley 

Chuck Tingley

Kate Stapleton Parzych

John Parascak

Peter Caruso

Rosemarie B. Sroka

Marcus L. Wise

Kathleen Sherin

Bruce Bitmead

Alejandro Gutierrez

Larry Allen

Steve Seggio

Priscilla DeVantier Bowen