All musicians must enter through the back door. PAUSA reserves the right to denied admission to any musician with a temperature higher than 99F, as well as  to cancel or postpone such event if the band cannot under any circumstances carry on the show without the sick musician(s). PAUSA will issue a credit to all attending guests to be used at a re-scheduled time or for any other event the guests may want to attend.


Bands can not be larger than 5 musicians in order to maintain a safe distance in between musicians while on stage. Singers are required to bring their own microphones - cables and stands will be provided by PAUSA and will be  daily disinfected. 


Musicians may load in starting at 5:30pm -  all musicians must do a sound check ending no later than 6:30pm. All shows start at 7pm and end between 8:30 - 8:45pm. Bands can choose to do one long show or two sets with a 10 min  intermission in between. In the event that ticket sell out with more than a week before any given show, PAUSA will consider, upon band request, adding a second show for that night, starting at 9:15pm.


Musicians will be required to open a tab if ordering from our menu however, they will not have a minimum purchase requirement. All performing musicians will have a 30% discount on all items from the menu. 


Bands performing in the local vicinity of PAUSA must schedule performances at PAUSA with no less than a week in between both performances. PAUSA reserves the right to change the admission price if such performance has a lower price than the show scheduled at PAUSA. PAUSA reserves the right to cancel any shows scheduled at PAUSA that do not follow the one-week gap in between shows. Musicians booking shows at PAUSA therefore, acknowledge and agree with this clause. 


Bands must rotate days of the week in between performances meaning - if a band performs on a Friday/Saturday slot, the following scheduled show must happen on a Thursday slot. Bands performing on Thursday slot may request shows with less time in between, based on attendance. 


PAUSA will issue payment to one designated musician via Zelle or PayPal. Please provide your preferred email or phone number before the show in order to issue payment on the night of the show. 


Bands will collect 97% of ticket revenue for GUESTS IN ATTENDANCE ONLY (3% covers ticket credit card fees payable by PAUSA) Ticket revenue for "cancellations" and "no shows" will not be included in the payment to the band.


Be safe, stay healthy, wear a mask :)

Please EMAIL  me with any questions or concerns you may have.


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August 15th, 2020

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