Improvements have been made to the sound system at Pausa Art House for both better sound in the bar room as well as to accommodate outdoor seating.  The main speakers in the stage room have been moved forward of the band area, a 12 channel wireless mixer is installed, and outdoor speakers have been added.  Please bring equipment that will facilitate running your signal through the new sound system. 


Piano has been placed  to meet the 12ft requirement distance between performers and audience and should not be moved.

Please follow all floor markings. 




Guitars, Bass and Keyboards - Please bring a small amplifier that will provide both stage monitor sound for yourself as well as a signal to feed into the sound system. The best option is a small amplifier with an XLR line out signal. 1/4" line out signals can also be accommodated.  You may also plug your instrument into the system directly, but then plan on using the house monitor speakers so you can hear yourself.


Please note that stage volume must still be kept low due to the small size of the stage room.  However, we do need a signal for all pieces of the band to send to the bar room and the outdoor seating.

Please arrive early and be ready to do a quick sound check by 6:15pm



For hygienic reasons, please bring your own microphone. 



Drum Kit

We strongly recommend that drummers use PAUSA's drum kit. It is the right size for the space.

If drummers wish to use their own drum kit, they must remove PAUSA’s kit and bring it down to the basement. Kit must be brought back up after the show as well.


Piano has been placed according to the distance regulations between stage performers and the audience, please do not move the piano under any circumstances.



Payment to Musicians

Please provide before the show an email or phone number for one person to receive ticket revenue payment (minus 3% credit card processing fees) via PayPal or Zelle. If payment info has not been provided by the time of the show, payment will be released the next day. 


No Parking Behind PAUSA

There is no longer parking available behind PAUSA since all units around the complex are filled and parking spaces are occupied. There will be one slot by the gate to allow for load in and out large and heavy equipment only but, car has to be moved to street parking after loading in and out.

All musicians must enter PAUSA through the stage door and must wear masks at all times unless performing. 

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Looking forward to your performance

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