Self and Sustenance 


December 5th - December 28th, 2019

Opening Reception Friday 12/6  - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Talia Ryan, a Buffalo-born and Buffalo-based painter and printmaker, has been developing her craft at Nazareth College for the past five years, where she exhibited her work annually and completed a masters in art education. Upon achieving certification in her field, she threw herself back into the arms of the Queen City as quickly as possible, returning to the place that had continued to exert an influence over her work in the years she was away. Talia continues to focus her studio practice on traditional printmaking techniques, ranging from relief to intaglio. She also dedicates time to work in other media, including oils, pottery, metals, and fibers, as well as film photography. Her teaching practice centers on the high school students of Buffalo Academy of Science. Follow her studio work at

Talia’s work in printmaking primarily explores devotion and worship, sustenance and spiritualism, and the interiority of female experience. The work in this show, “Self and Sustenance,” takes cues from myth and internal reflection, architectural ruins, and the artists of the Vienna Secession. Mixed in with fantastic imagery are a lively selection of more outward-looking prints taking their subject matter from the artist's hometown of Buffalo and the people who color her life there.


Michael Amrose

Morgan Loghry

Allison Cihiwsky

J.Tim Raymond

Patty Agrisano Ossa

Group 263

Catherine L. Spen​cer

Laurie A. Tanner

Monica Angle 

Paula Sćiuk 

Cassie Lipsitz

Matthew Palmo

Rita Auerbach

Fotini Galanes

Richard Christian 

Gary Wolfe

Markenzy Julius Cesar

Mary Bagley 

Chuck Tingley

Kate Stapleton Parzych

John Parascak

Peter Caruso

Rosemarie B. Sroka

Marcus L. Wise

Kathleen Sherin

Bruce Bitmead

Alejandro Gutierrez

Larry Allen

Steve Seggio

Priscilla DeVantier Bowen

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