Havana Loops

This is my new project, music loops - inspired by a wonderful woman musician, Curtis Lovell.


It was the freedom, the endless possibilities, the discipline and creativity that captivated me about this medium. Predictable outcome many might think yet, the energy of the moment is ever changing. That one chance at perfection each time a loop is created is pure adrenaline, also a reminder that nothing is ever perfect but, practice is your best chance at it.


Cuban music is full of rhythms and melodies, and most every Cuban can dance to them. Exploring my innate abilities to do some of these rhythms has been the highlight of this project.


Singing has been the most challenging.

Dancing? Liberating !

Playing my violin? Well, that's a life time dream come true.

Sing and dance along, clap and get inspired as I share with you one happy side of my existence. 

Truly yours,

Lázara Martínez

Photo by Kendall Kay