All employees are required to have their temperature taken upon arrival, any employee exhibiting a temperature higher than 99.5°F will be sent home.


PAUSA will provide workers with an acceptable face covering at no cost to the employee and have an adequate supply of coverings in case of need for replacement. 

Acceptable face coverings include but are not limited to cloth (e.g. homemade sewn, quick cut, bandana), surgical masks, and face shields. Sharing of face coverings is not permitted. Washable face covering provided by PAUSA will be washed daily.


Employees are required to wear face coverings at all times and practice hand hygiene  consistent with state and local sanitary codes. Employees are required to wear gloves when in contact with shared objects or frequently touched surfaces or perform hand hygiene before and after contact. Employees serving and bussing tables must wash their hands with soap/water before and after cleaning and disinfecting tables.


If employees wear gloves during non-food preparation activities, they will replace gloves frequently and change gloves when switching tasks. When employees do not wear gloves, they must frequently wash their hands with soap/water.  Employees will limit the sharing of objects (e.g. kitchen tools, pens, pads, rags/towels).


Only one server per shift will be in charge of delivering food to the tables. Servers will have a dedicated station throughout their entire shift. Access to freezers, refrigerators and storage rooms will only be permitted to one individual at time. Kitchen staff will place items on the counter for the server person to pick up, rather than passing items from hands to hands.  


All employees will adhere to hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection requirements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Department of Health (DOH) and maintain logs that document date, time, and scope of cleaning. 


Employees will regularly clean and disinfect the establishment and more frequently clean and disinfect high risk areas used by many individuals and for frequently touched surfaces (e.g. restrooms). Cleaning and disinfection must be rigorous and ongoing and should occur after each shift, daily, or more frequently if needed. Ensure that equipment is regularly cleaned and disinfected using registered disinfectants, including at least as often as employees change workstations. Before returning to work, we will complete pre-return checks and assessments of kitchen systems to ensure a healthy and safe environment.


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July 1st, 2020